Zynga partners with bwin.party for poker and casino games in the U.K.

Zynga announced a partnership with real money games operator bwin.party today to support real money poker and casino games in the United Kingdom.

A press release detailing the partnership explains that Zynga’s U.K.-based real money gaming service will launch both a poker game and a suite of 180 casino games in the first half of 2013 with bwin.party’s help. Many have touted the revenue potential of real money gaming as a means to “save” Zynga from a total collapse of its social games business. Others, though — including Inside Social Games — have expressed skepticism that Zynga’s current non-real money audience could be converted to real-money gamers.

This is the second social games partnership for bwin.party following its deal with sports social game developer Nordeus announced in September. Zynga’s third quarter 2012 financial results are being reported today following yesterday’s layoffs and a studio closure.

UPDATE: During the Q&A portion of today’s earnings call, CFO Dave Wehner reigned in investor expectations, saying that the deal “is a first step, so we’re not talking any details around the economics at this time.”

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