Zynga partners with Honda for reward-based mobile ad campaign

Zynga announced today it’s joining forces with Honda to launch the developer’s first reward-based mobile ad campaign. The new campaign is focused on the 2013 Honda Accord “It Starts With You” program.

This new mobile campaign will take place in Zynga’s Scramble With Friends, allowing users to earn things like in-game credits and unspecified virtual goods when they interact with the ads. In this case, interacting with the Honda brand means players will have to play on a branded game board and locate the words “Accord,” “luxury” and “new” to earn their rewards.

Today marks the official launch of the rewards program but Honda’s partnership with Zynga actually kicked off on Oct. 6, with a “Word of the Day” promo in Words With Friends. When players played the words “new,” “tech” or “you,” they would receive gameplay tips.

While this is the first time Zynga’s implemented a reward-based mobile ad campaign, this isn’t the first time it has created interactive brand partnerships in its games. In the past, the developer has teamed with major companies like McDonald’s in FarmVille, while groups like Nordstrom and Dreamworks have been involved with Draw Something.

Zynga is currently touting its reward-based ad package as just one part of its overall branding capabilities, which offer brand partners a massive reach opportunity. Zynga tells us over eight billion minutes are spent playing Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends each month. With Zynga’s recent preliminary earnings report leaving many underwhelmed, it’s not surprising the company is seeking to show investors that it has lucrative sources of income outside of Facebook.

The “It Starts With You” campaign will run through Oct. 31.