Zynga scores court victory in lawsuit against Alan Patmore

Zynga’s won the first round in its case against former studio GM Alan Patmore, allowing the suit to continue forward and granting further requests from the developer’s legal counsel.

Zynga filed the suit on Friday, when a judge granted a temporary restraining order that prevented Patmore from using, discussing or copying the info in the documents Zynga alleges he stole from his work computer before he left the company this summer. Patmore was also prevented from engaging in any activity that has anything to do with developing online games that would use Zynga’s trade secrets.

The judge presiding over the case also ordered more categories of relief in Zynga’s favor. Now, there will be an expedited deposition of Patmore (who wasn’t present in court today and was instead represented by an attorney) as well as forensic examinations of Patmore’s work and personal computers, iPhone and personal Dropbox account.

According to a statement by Zynga Deputy General Counsel Jay Monahan, “Patmore does not dispute that he took 763 files from Zynga, which contained confidential game designs from teams around the company, and that he transferred those files to his computer at Kixeye where he’s currently the VP of Product. We are pleased with the judge’s decision and will continue to work to protect the ideas and assets of our employees.”

You can read the full court document here.

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