ZzzQuil, Ragu Catch Flack for Social Promotions

A social media copywriter's work is never done

As last week came to a close, a couple of brands became the latest to win negative attention for their social media marketing efforts.

First, ZzzQuil earned a few headlines for this tweet, which followers (the brand has more than 40,000) thought to be a little too “20th century” for their tastes:


Definitely a little off there. The brand has yet to respond to various complaints, simply deleting the message and replacing it with a less contentious variation on the theme:

Next, as we left the office on Friday, Sam Biddle of Gawker named/shamed Ragu’s account as “the Saddest Twitter Marketing Campaign of All Time” for — among other things — trying to make #SNACKLE happen and receiving little or no love for CTA tweets and puns.

For the record, we have close personal knowledge of the challenges facing the social media copywriter who can only do his or her best to stand out in a world filled with “#BAE” backtalk and whatever DiGiorno’s on at the moment. We also know that there are many feeds with fewer followers — and fewer engagement case studies — than Ragu. So we will defend them the only way we know how: with light snark.

Ultimately, we can’t imagine that a mocking Gawker post will do too much damage to Ragu’s social promo efforts. Still waiting for someone to fully explain SNACKLE, though; “the act of stealing food, often in a humorous manner” doesn’t quite fit.

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.