March 19, 2020
New York, NY

By popular demand, the first installment of the 2020 Elevate series will focus on the rapidly evolving and increasingly adopted technology: artificial intelligence, and its ever-growing influence in marketing and the daily lives of consumers.  

At Elevate: AI, Adweek editors speak with marketers, technologists and futurists to reveal the cause, effect and proven results of this increasingly prevalent technology.  


Topics to include:  

  • Rise of the Chatbots 
  • AI and Autonomous Driving 
  • Next-level AI and the Customer Experience 
  • Storytelling in the Machine Age  
  • The role of AI in Entertainment
  • AI in your City 


Attendee Benefits:

  • Networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities with the industry’s leading minds 
  • Insights and predictions for the future of AI  
  • Actionable takeaways you can apply to your business strategies today  

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8:30 - 9:30am
Breakfast & Registration
9:30 - 10:00am
Adweek's CMO Vanguard Honors

Join Adweek as we celebrate and honor the most innovative, transformative marketers leveraging tech and data.

CMO Vanguards

Chief Marketing Officers play a pivotal role in their company’s evolution, with responsibilities for business growth, corporate and creative strategies and innovation. Hear from Adweek’s CMO Vanguard Award winners who will share lessons they’ve learned as transformative marketers.

Accelerating Our Planet and Industry with AI

AI has proven itself critical in addressing real-world challenges affecting our planet. Learn how the same technology is being applied to help our industry at large.

Janna Ritzcovan Synovec
Head of Brand Marketing & Sales Enablement, IBM Watson Media & Weather.
Anya Ware
Technology Leader, IBM Watson Advertising
When the 'Mad Men' meet the 'Math Men' Storytelling in the Machine Age

We are still human beings and nothing has really changed. Except, of course, that everything has changed—more precisely, technology has changed everything. Join Eric Solomon as he discusses some major tenets of the ongoing digital revolution that have shifted our relationship with the world around us. Notably, how machine learning is impacting the way that content is created and consumed.

Eric Solomon
Founder and Principal, Solomon Advisors and CMO-in-Residence, Novio
Networking Coffee Break
Cognitiv Session
How Digitization and Personalization is Changing Beauty

Benjamin Spiegel, Global Chief Digital Officer for P&G Beauty, sits down with Adweek to discuss how the world’s leading beauty brands are adopting innovative technology solutions to address the ever changing needs of tomorrow’s consumers. 

Benjamin Spiegel
Global Chief Digital Officer, P&G Beauty
Sam Esmail in Conversation
Sam Esmail
Creator, Executive Producer, Writer and Director, “Mr. Robot”
Lisa Granatstein
Editor, Senior Vice President of Programming, Adweek
Entertainment in the Age of AI: Hollywood, Influencers + New Age Tech

62% of adults in the U.S. currently subscribe to a streaming service. As digital content continues to influence human consumption patterns and behaviors, the future of brand integration will be driven by a marketer's ability to leverage AI and data science to determine the right content and audiences to prioritize, ultimately driving conversions. Join Ricky Ray Butler, Chief Executive Officer of BEN, as he uncovers the intersection of Hollywood, Influencers and technology, detailing the growing role of AI-powered brand integration as an essential form of advertising in 2020 and beyond.

Ricky Ray Butler
Chief Executive Officer, BEN
Brands Adopting Artificial Intelligence

The transformative capabilities of AI for brand marketers are infinite thanks to automated processes, improved customer experiences and  personalization at an unprecedented scale. How are marketers leveraging AI applications to grow their businesses? Hear from brand leaders on the benefits - and challenges - of AI.

Kate Gunning
Chief Marketing Officer, IEX
Chris Karpenko
Executive Director of Brand Marketing, United States Postal Service
Jon Suarez-Davis
Chief Strategy Officer, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce
Partner Session
Closing Keynote

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