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3 Types of Brands

2 Days of Discovery

The latest wave of upstarts, breaking rules and tapping into new technology and strategies to win over consumers
First-gen disruptors that broke new ground by offering consumers not just what they wanted, but also what they needed
Legacy brands that grew through the traditional route and are now infusing their strategies with the new DTC paradigm

3 Types of Brands

2 Days of Discovery

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March 4th-5th, 2020


225 Liberty Street
New York, NY


Explore the Future of Brands


750+ Executives and Leaders


In an ever-shifting brand landscape innovation, agility and consumer insights can make or break a brand's success, regardless of whether its established or a challenger. Join Adweek for the second-annual Challenger Brands summit to gain insights from the world’s most disruptive and legendary brands who are succeeding in our rapidly evolving world and competitive landscape.  

Through the lens of challenger brands,we’ll explore 12 top-of-mind topics impacting the brand marketing ecosystem from ecommerce to live marketing to UX – and beyond. 

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Opening Remarks
Main Stage
Jeff Litvack
Chief Executive Officer, Adweek
Danny Wright
Chief Brand Officer, Adweek
100 Years Strong
Main Stage

How has the NFL remained America's favorite sport for fans and brands? NFL's chief marketer Tim Ellis joins Adweek to discuss the league's 21st century playbook.

Tim Ellis
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, NFL
Nadine Dietz
Chief Community Officer, Adweek
Community First: Reddit x RXBAR on Breaking Through and Building Loyalty
Main Stage

The fight for consumers’ time and attention is intensifying as the digital experience grows increasingly fragmented. At the same time, a shift is happening: more consumers are turning to online communities for genuine human connection and belonging. As the role and value of online community grows in importance, challenger brands have the opportunity to reach consumers in a deeper, more disruptive way -- Reddit’s Head of Growth Partnerships, Neal Hubman, sits down with RXBAR's Director of Integrated Marketing, Jenny Lindquist, to discuss the rise and strength of online community and the intrinsic value of community engagement.

Neal Hubman
Head of Growth Partnerships, Reddit, Inc.
Jenny Lindquist
Director of Integrated Marketing, RXBAR
More Isn't Better: What the Retail Industry Could Learn from Social Media
Main Stage

The past decade saw the rise of the open platform -- from social media to video content to online-shopping platforms. But unfettered access to more stuff also invited chaos of fake news, fake content and fake goods. Imran Khan, co-founder and CEO of Verishop and former Snap CSO, speaks to why customers want a more curated, discovery-driven experience, and how Verishop aims to take online-shopping from convenient to delightful.

Imran Khan
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Verishop
Ann-Marie Alcántara
Retail Reporter, Adweek
Gen Z Whisperers: How Ulta Beauty is Unlocking Brand Love with the Generation Influencing our Future
Main Stage

Gen Z moves at the speed of culture.  Shelley Haus, Chief Marketing Officer of Ulta Beauty, will share how the retailer has harnessed cultural insights to become the #1 beauty destination with teens and to chart the course for future growth with this beauty-loving generation.  

Shelley Haus
Chief Marketing Officer, Ulta Beauty
Networking Coffee Break

Presented by Argonaut

The Secrets of a Generation: How to Crack the Code of Gen Z
Interactive Breakout Room 1

The new kids on the block will shortly account for a strong majority of the world’s purchasing power. Who are they? What influences their shopping habits? And what are the most affect ways to engage with them? Join this track to learn more.

The Future is Depop: How Gen Z is Transforming the Fashion Industry
Interactive Breakout Room 1

With 90% of Depop’s active users under the age of 26, Chief Marketing Officer Peter Semple discusses how the London-based fashion marketplace app speaks to, works with and meets the needs of one of today’s most disruptive consumer audiences – over 18 million users globally – to help them transform the fashion industry.

Peter Semple
Chief Marketing Officer, depop
You’re Not Listening
Interactive Breakout Room 1

Gen Z is talking, but is your brand really hearing what they have to say? Join three of The Tylt’s young citizen- journalists in a thought provoking discussion, with breakthrough findings and hard truths on what matters most to your next generation of consumers.

Jessie Blaeser
Editor-at-Large, The Tylt
Claudia Dimuro
Associate Branded Content Editor, The Tylt
Keydra Manns
Entertainment Editor, The Tylt
"Give them the Keys": How PUMA is Collaborating with their Consumer Base to Create the Future of the Brand
Interactive Breakout Room 1

Hear from Adam Petrick, Global Director of Brand & Marketing, on how sports culture and Gen Z is shaping the legacy brand, today

Adam Petrick
Global Director of Brand and Marketing, PUMA
Ko Im
Departments Editor, Adweek
The Data Debate: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Data?
Interactive Breakout Room 2

Data is king in this era of unprecedented technological change. Offering advanced insights and a chance for marketers to understand their consumer preferences on an intimate level, you better be playing in the data sandbox. Brand experts share how to effectively – and efficiently -- harness the opportunities data offers.

Interactive Breakout Room 2
Sheena Shiravi
Senior Director, Marketing, Eaze
Josh Sternberg
Brands and Tech Editor, Adweek
How Calm Used Digital Tactics to Master TV Advertising
Interactive Breakout Room 2

In this session, you’ll learn how Calm used TV advertising as part of their marketing mix to become the #1 Mental Fitness App, with over 70 million downloads. We’ll share their journey working with Tatari, from using data & analytics to drive customer acquisition, finding audiences at scale, and ultimately launching a large-scale brand campaign featuring NBA star Lebron James.

Erin Hassey
Senior Director, User Acquisition, Calm
Andy Schonfeld
Vice President, Client Services, Tatari
Purpose, Brand and Growth - Fact or Fad 
Interactive Breakout Room 2

The proliferation of data and technology has made the modern consumer more powerful and in-control than ever before. Brands have to work harder than ever to gain consumer loyalty. This requires marketers to build brands that are authentic, purpose driven and converge science, technology and storytelling. How do you meet these requirements to drive tangible business growth and outcomes? Join Mayur Gupta, CMO of Freshly as he helps to solve the balancing act.

Mayur Gupta
Chief Marketing Officer, Freshly
Experiential Tactics: How to Capitalize Outside of Campaigns
Interactive Breakout Room 3

Gone are the days of garden variety marketing plan. Surviving in today’s competitive landscape requires real-time experiences that bring the brand to life. How do you engage consumers on a whole other level, while staying true to the brand? Hear from the pros on how to break through.

How To Keep It Juicy: How Absolut is Maintaining Brand Relevance in 2020 
Interactive Breakout Room 3

In an industry that is more crowded than ever, how do popular spirits brands stand out from the pack? The strategies are endless, but today's brand relevance is driven by consumer culture and a brands ability to authentically engage. Join this session to learn how - since 1979 - Absolut has continued to stand out from the pack by sticking to ground-breaking, creative collaborations. 

Kim Haney
Senior Manager, Experiential Marketing, Pernod Ricard
Ian Zelaya
Experiential Reporter, Adweek
Optimizing With AI: How to Level Up Your Content Strategy in 2020
Interactive Breakout Room 3

Engaging content is essential to a challenger brand finding success with today’s visually-inclined consumers, but many marketers are not optimizing their social channels to the same level that they do for more traditional funnels. Learn from Dash Hudson and ColourPop Cosmetics how savvy brands can leverage rich data and AI to create a data-backed creative strategy that performs, and converts.

Michelle Belcic
Vice President of Brand Strategy, Dash Hudson
Jordynn Wynn
Marketing Director, ColourPop Cosmetics
Building Brand and Community Through Experiences 
Interactive Breakout Room 3

Today’s consumers want to do more than just transact with a brand—they want to connect. Glossier, the digital-first beauty company, has spent the last five years building meaningful relationships with its customers and becoming a billion-dollar cultural force in the process. Hear from Glossier’s Head of Brand Marketing and Strategy on how the company designs experiences around its products, digital spaces, and offline stores as it builds a new kind of beauty brand in collaboration with its community.

Poppy Thorpe
Head of Brand Marketing and Strategy, Glossier
Diana Pearl
Deputy Editor, Brands, Adweek
With Purpose in Mind: Challenges and Opportunities of Brands That Live by Values They Preach
Interactive Breakout Room 1

Brand marketers are quickly learning that embracing social issues or a purpose can drive consumer loyalty and generate sales. How do you align your brand’s core values to help drive ROI? How do you reflect the values you preach? Prepare for enlightenment in this track.

Scaling with Purpose - Empowering the Up-and-Coming with the Tools of Wealth-Making
Interactive Breakout Room 1

Companies are putting their values front and center to attract new customers, but how do they know if it’s working? Learn how Acorns is using a deep commitment to its company mission and values to drive the fastest-growing financial wellness system in the nation and empower a new generation of investors. 

Noah Kerner
Chief Executive Officer, Acorns
Lisa Lacy
Reporter, Adweek
The 5 Keys to Challenger Impact
Interactive Breakout Room 1

When a brand lives its authentic purpose it can create the biggest impact for its employees, customers and the world. The key is to embrace their challenger spirit and live it in everything they do. Join David Angelo, founder and creative chairman of David&Goliath as he shares his singular journey as a challenger, the undeniable impact his 20-year challenger agency has made for the ultimate challenger brand, Kia, and the secret to igniting the challenger spirit in brands to create unlimited impact.

David Angelo
Founder and Chairman, David & Goliath
How To Harness A Brand’s Power To Inspire Positive Consumer Behaviors
Interactive Breakout Room 1

Consumers are increasingly shopping more mindfully, with environmental issues and sustainability driving purchasing decisions. Learn how Everlane harnesses educational storytelling, through sustainable product launches and initiatives such as its Black Friday Fund, to empower consumers to make more sustainable purchases and ultimately inspire industry-wide change. 

Franchesca Hashim
Brand Marketing Director, Everlane
Diana Pearl
Deputy Editor, Brands, Adweek
Emerging Technology: The Impact on Marketing Today and Tomorrow
Interactive Breakout Room 2

VR, AR, MR, XR: The future is now, and marketers are experimenting with myriad applications of emerging technology. How do they drive engagement? What are the best practices?  Learn about real-world examples of this brave new tech.

To Boldly Go with Canoo 
Interactive Breakout Room 2

In 2020, brands will continue to experiment with emerging tech - from VR to IoT to voice technology and beyond - in seeking an edge. But how can a brand lean on novel technology as a sustained competitive advantage from Day 1? Learn how Canoo is leveraging technology to fast track the electric vehicle membership of tomorrow, today. 

Matt Kerbel
Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Canoo
Patrick Kulp
Emerging Tech Reporter, Adweek
How the Content Gap is Killing Brands
Interactive Breakout Room 2

The demand for content is greater than ever. Brands are feeling the effects of the consumer requirement, while fighting with smaller budgets and workplaces. The result? A growing content gap that is killing brands. Join this session to learn how to jump out of the format race and start creating at the speed of culture.

Eli Chapman
Senior Vice President of Strategy, Celtra
Community Building Through Restaurant Discovery
Interactive Breakout Room 2

How have The Infatuation and Zagat dominated the restaurant space? Chris Stang, co-founder and CEO, sits down with Adweek to discuss how to excite and entice your audience through a unique platform and approach.

Chris Stang
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Infatuation. Chief Executive Officer, Zagat
Sara Jerde
Publishing Editor, Adweek
The Art of Storytelling: Marketers Share Their Big Creative Wins and Missed Opportunities
Interactive Breakout Room 2

Marketing begins and ends with clearly articulating a brand’s narrative. Storytelling evokes an emotional response, which drives consumers purchases. Join this track to hear best practices, preferable platforms and the best channels to tell your brand story.

Mack Weldon
Interactive Breakout Room 3
Nicole Williams
Vice President, Brand Marketing, Mack Weldon
Agile Storytelling on YouTube
Interactive Breakout Room 3

Picture a YouTuber vlogging on her phone camera, selfie-style. It's raw, authentic. Can an ad do this? Sometimes, sometimes not. One thing’s for certain though – video storytelling is becoming more lightweight and agile, allowing brands to find their voice more quickly and easily. Join this session to learn why brands have more permission than ever to speak directly and personally, and decode the anatomy of YouTube ads that achieve authenticity without the requisite production polish.

Scott Wedemeyer
Global Creative Lead, YouTube
A New Healthcare Narrative 
Interactive Breakout Room 3

Marketing begins and ends with clearly articulating a brand's story, which in turn evokes an emotional consumer response. Learn how Hims has built a modern narrative around healthcare and wellness by reducing stigma, prioritizing education and driving access. CMO Melissa Waters will speak to best practices and big wins, as well as learnings the brand has faced along the way.

Melissa Waters
Chief Marketing Officer, hims & hers
Robert Klara
Senior Editor, Adweek
Networking Coffee Break

Presented by Argonaut

Reckitt Benckiser
Main Stage
Cynthia Chen
General Manager and President, Consumer Health & Wellness, Reckitt Benckiser
Uber in Conversation
Main Stage
Taj Alavi
Senior Director, Global Head of Marketing Communications, Uber
Chris Ariens
Managing Editor, Adweek
Unleashing the Power of Performance Marketing: How D2C Brands Can Stand out
Main Stage

Rakuten Advertising Managing Director Julie Van Ullen will unveil proprietary data from an exclusive consumer study on the browsing and buying habits of the direct to consumer (D2C) shopper.  Using these insights, Julie will discuss how brands can optimize their digital advertising campaigns and leverage affiliate marketing, a performance-driven channel, to find new customers and increase conversions.

Julie Van Ullen
Managing Director, US, Rakuten Marketing
Charlamagne tha God in Conversation
Main Stage
Charlamagne tha God
Media Mogul, Bestselling Author
Danny Wright
Chief Brand Officer, Adweek
Networking Cocktail Reception

Presented by David&Goliath

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