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Direct To Consumer
  • Navigating procurement
  • Finding success on Amazon, Facebook and Google
  • Data leakage
  • Advanced TV targeting
  • Native advertising
  • Deep learning and brand integration
  • TV measurement
  • Regulating the tech giants
  • Net neutrality laws
  • Data privacy trends, and transparency
  • GDPR
  • Tensions between buy- and sell-side
  • Women of programmatic
  • How to bring programmatic in-house
  • How ad fraud happens and who’s behind it
Future Of Advertising
  • David vs Goliath – Indie consultancies take on the giants
  • CMOs POV on harnessing the technology
  • What’s next?
8 Interactive Insight Sessions
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July 24-25, 2019


New York, NY


Explore the Future of Digital Advertising


Hundreds of Brand, Agency, Technology, and Publishing Attendees

Technology sits at the very heart of today’s media landscape. But frequently, brands, publishers and agencies all have different viewpoints on how to leverage it.

Adweek will bring brands, agencies, publishers and solution providers together to educate one another and share best practices around a subject at the very heart of today’s media landscape: technology. Over two days of programming and interactive insights sessions, we’ll hear from speakers ranging from C-suite executives who will provide insight into technology integrated strategies, to the teams responsible for tactical implementation, providing a clear-eyed perspective on both the successes and the challenges the industry faces.



Interactive Insight Sessions

Interactive Insight Sessions


Breakfast and Registration
Opening Remarks
Main Stage
Jeff Litvack
CEO, Adweek
Danny Wright
Chief Brand Officer, Adweek
New Star Clusters After the Big Bang
Main Stage
Sir Martin Sorrell
Executive Chairman, S4 Capital
Ronan Shields
Reporter, Adweek
Taking Action on Supply Path Optimization
Main Stage
The growing complexity of the programmatic supply chain has introduced a variety of issues within the ecosystem, from unfair auction practices, hidden fees and duplicating efforts to questionable offerings. Only the savviest of buyers will come out on top. Hear how to build innovative and strategic alliances that lead to better programmatic marketplaces and drive supply path optimization.
Jamie Byrum
Head of Programmatic Media, Nationwide
Chris Kane
Founder, Jounce Media
Amanda Martin
Vice President of Enterprise Partnerships, Goodway Group
Patrick Kulp
Tech Reporter, Adweek
Networking Coffee Break
Interactive Breakout Session A
The State of Customer Identity Resolution
Identity resolution has quickly become a crucial requirement for any marketer looking to get customer-centric marketing right. So why do so many still rely on a patchwork of legacy methodologies, incomplete vendor solutions and in-house capabilities? Find out advanced techniques to improve your customer-centric marketing.
Devon DeBlasio
Product Marketing Director, Neustar
Joe Stanhope
Vice President and Principal, Analyst, Forrester
The Value of Streaming Advertising: A New Measurement Standard
Streaming has forced brands and agencies to content with dynamic ad creation, non-linear viewing and ad fatigue. So how do you maximize revenues and understand the true ad preferences of consumers? Learn how to harness streaming data to capitalize on the real-time information and tackle tech barriers.
Keith Zubchevich
Chief Strategy Officer, Conviva
Track How Customers Arrive at Big Purchase Decisions
The marketing funnel? Dead. A straight path to purchase? BS. For big purchase decision, the customer journey is messy—but, knowing the right way to track, organize, and interpret customer behavior across channels can clean it up.
Elizabeth Gallagher
Chief Revenue Officer, Lineate
Interactive Breakout Session B
4 Things You Need to Know Before You In-House Your Programmatic
If you're considering moving your programmatic media buying in-house, you'll need to be sure you're grounded in the fundamentals. Get insights on the four crucial programmatic pillars: data, technology, brand-safe media and talent.
Vivian Nantembe
VP, Direct Sales, Xaxis
Nishant “Nish” Desai
Director of Technology and Partnership, Xaxis
Maximize Performance Within a Private Marketplace
Digital advertising opportunities are increasingly shifting to vendor marketing programs and private marketplaces. Learn best practices from Kroger Precision Marketing on how to navigate within a retailer’s personalized digital experience.
Scott Hamm
Senior Product Manager, Kroger Digital Alternative Revenue Streams, 84.51
Break Out of Your Brand's Contextual Comfort Zone
Defensive tactics like blacklists, whitelists, and keyword blocking are popular among marketers who want to ensure their ads run in safe spaces. But when marketers stay in their contextual comfort zones, reach atrophies and new audiences go unexplored. In this talk, GumGum CEO Phil Schraeder will discuss how brands can use technology to identify and align their ads with content that is not only safe and also privacy proof but fit, even in the far corners of the web.
Phil Schraeder
CEO, GumGum
Interactive Breakout Session C
A Deep Dive Into the CCPA
After months of lobbying, comments and hand-wringing, CCPA is on its way. Get answers to the top 4 questions publishers, agencies and ad tech companies will have to face to comply.
Jessica Lee
Co-Chair, Privacy, Security and Data Innovations, Loeb & Loeb
What’s Next in Data Privacy Regulation?
First Europe, then California, but what’s next? Get predictions and real-time advice to stay ahead of emerging privacy laws and regulations.
Robert Newman
Co-Chair, Privacy, Security and Data Innovations, Loeb & Loeb
Data Strategy for a Post-Regulatory World: 5 Best Practices to Move Your Business Forward in the New Data Economy
The new data economy is emerging, and if you don’t take action now you risk falling behind. Learn how imminent data regulation, tech policy changes and consumer sentiment will affect your business.
Kristoffer Nelson
Interactive Breakout Session A
How AI Helps Your Brand Be Relentlessly Human
It’s the most rapid time of technological transformation…ever. And these changes have created new customer needs and expectations. Learn why using artificial intelligence is critical for brands looking to create and sustain more meaningful conversations with their customers and how marketers can better infuse AI into their strategy to accelerate success.
Janna Ritzcovan Synovec
Head of Brand Marketing & Sales Enablement, IBM Watson Advertising
Dave Neway
Head of Marketing, IBM Watson Advertising
Driving Impact with OTT Advertising
Amid the accelerating growth of streaming TV, the OTT ecosystem is becoming more complex, fragmented, and confusing for advertisers. Get a check list of the key considerations broadcast and digital buyers need to drive measurable business outcomes.
Justin Gutschmidt
Head of Sales Strategy, Premion
Closing The Loop: The Rise of Multi Platform Attribution
What once was a pipe dream for marketers, has officially become a reality. Attribution across multiple platforms, including TV, is finally here.  Learn effective attribution strategies,  listen to client success stories, and pay close attention to what's coming next…. It gets even better.
Betsy Rella
Vice President, Research & Data, NYI
Sona Pehlivanian
Vice-President of Addressable Campaign Management and Operations, NYI
Interaction Insight Session B
Building Synergy Between Programmatic and Email
With too few trusted media channels to diversify their ad buys in, brands are turning to an overlooked platform: Email. Get practical insights for navigating a channel that’s both new and old to drive clear campaign results.
Nicholas Dujnic
VP, Marketing, LiveIntent
3 Ways to Use Programmatic to Capture Event ROI
On average, 23% of B2B Marketing budgets are allocated towards events marketing. However, the ability to drive and capture event ROI still remains difficult to monitor and optimize. Learn the three key tactics B2B companies are using with programmatic to tie together the worlds of the digital and physical.
Al Torres
Co-founder and President, SummitSync
Leland Morris
VP, Sales, 180byTwo
The 7 Things Every Digital Publisher Needs to Have In Place to Be Future Proof
Ad technology on the publisher side is rapidly changing and becoming more complex. It’s a wide niche and there’s something new to learn every day. Get a breakdown of the most important trends and technologies in publisher side ad tech.
John Shankman
CEO and Founder, Hashtag Labs
Interaction Insight Session C
Brand Safety: It’s About More Than Just Where Your Ad Lands
Ensuring brand safety requires proactive measures that ensure the security and sanctity of your content and ads. Learn the value of an asset management strategy and how collaborative tools can incorporate usage rights, streamline approvals and protect the brand along the way.
Ardit Bejko
Partnerships Director, North America, Adstream
Mark Egmon
VP, Marketing and Corporate Communications, The TEAM Companies
All the Things You Want to Know About Brand Safety But Are Too Scared to Ask
There are roughly 50 billion digital impressions sold each day. But it only takes one to tarnish your brand. Get tips you can use to greatly decrease the odds that your brand is displayed on unwanted sites and/or next to inflammatory content.
Adam Greenhood
CEO and Founder, AdWallet
Networking Coffee Break
Fireside: Hulu
Main Stage
Consumers and advertisers alike use streaming services in lieu of TV. The game is forever changed and the leading consumer experience will come out on top. How do you make commercials enjoyable for these new viewers? How do you innovate in this space? Hear from Peter Naylor, SVP and Head of Advertising Sales at Hulu on how Hulu has risen to the top.
Peter Naylor
SVP and Head of Advertising Sales, Hulu
Kelsey Sutton
Reporter, Adweek
Opening Networking Reception




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