Melville House to Publish The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture

By Maryann Yin Comment

Senate CoverMelville House plans to publish The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture.

This book will contain the results of the Senate committee’s study of the detention and interrogation techniques utilized by the Central Intelligence Agency in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. A release date for both the paperback and eBook editions has been scheduled for December 30th.

Here’s more from the press release: “Five years in the making, the report was officially declassified in April, but its release was delayed until yesterday, when a heavily redacted version of the report was made public. Called by the New York Times ‘a portrait of depravity that is hard to comprehend and even harder to stomach,’ the report proved to be a harsh and broad indictment of the C.I.A.’s response to the September 11 terror attacks. In addition to detailing the scope and severity of interrogation techniques employed by the C.I.A, the report also found that the agency had repeatedly misled both the public and the White House.”