Caavo’s CMO Shares How One Remote Is Simplifying Streaming

Evelyn Krasnow has proudly built a career by taking “the least sexy products on the market” and making them interesting to consumers – from trash cans to cables to even toilet plungers. “The everyday products we so often overlook have the most interesting stories behind them,” Evelyn explains, “and I’ve always been passionate about bringing those details out because it lures you in on a totally different level.” Now, she’s out to make people fall in love with their TV remote with Caavo, the universal control center helping viewers navigate the nail-biting streaming wars.

@heidepalermo Heide is the vp, head of community at Adweek and Editor of the Inside the Brand series, including the CMO Moves and Gen ZEOs podcasts, Innovators, Challengers, and Women Trailblazers.