YETI VP Paulie Dery on Reveling in Risk and Building Brands Through Community

From starting with just a great cooler to transforming into an outdoor lifestyle brand that enthusiasts don on hats, shirts and stickers, YETI has redefined what a brand can become. 17-year creative veteran and Austin Brand Stars honoree Paulie Dery is now leading the brand to new heights—doubling down on community, experimenting with different content formats, and even launching their own “streaming” service. From an awarded career at top agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and R/GA to leading creative for Uber and now YETI, Paulie shares his recipe for success based on pursuing transformative risks, focusing on your community and letting fear of mediocrity guide your career path.

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@JeremySchumann With an unconventional background working in addiction recovery in South America, Jeremy Schumann is a brand marketer and strategist who has led marketing campaigns for top global brands ranging from Make-A-Wish, Nike and Uber Eats to Airbnb, Facebook and Google.