alicia hatch at deloitte

Q&A: Deloitte Digital’s Alicia Hatch on Finding the Right Role Models, and Becoming Your Own

Leadership & Talent

"I tell those who are starting out to spend as much time looking for inspiration within them as they do around them."

Infographic: What (and Who) Influences Women to Consider New Products

Data Points

Nielsen looked at how ads influence women to try new products in a disparate age of brand disloyalty.

The Happy Meal has seen incredible success since its promotional inception.

The Happy Meal Ranks Among the Most Successful—and Copied—Ideas


McDonald's happy meal is an iconic lunch box that provides a special kids meal.

Rashida Jones of NBC News

NBC’s Rashida Jones Has Been Producing News Since College

Leadership & Talent

NBC News' svp Rashida Jones knew she wanted to be a writer in the third grade.

Directly Above Shot Of Chocolate Chip Cookie On White Background
a larger rubber duck with four small rubber ducks looking up to it

For Younger Creatives, Advertising’s Culture of Hero Worship Is Shifting

Leadership & Talent

"They are no longer looking for gurus, and they are certainly not looking for rock stars."

photo of bella hadid in a yellow dress

Influencers Created a World Where Normal People With Large Followings Can Hold Sway


Holding influence is no longer just relegated to celebrities, which we can see in normal people serving as influencers.


The 1980s Saw Globalization, Agency Fragmentation and Some of the Best Ads Ever Made

40 Years Bold

Amidst the tumultuous 1980s, the ad industry did some of its best work ever, from Apple's "1984" to Nike's "Just do it."

bubbles of pink with people sectioned off inside of and outside of the bubbles

Too Many Women Still Feel Vulnerable Working in Advertising


There’s far too much discrimination happening in the advertising industry, even 35 years later.


The 1990s Were a Revolutionary Decade That Forever Changed How We Watch TV

40 Years Bold

The '90s were a revolutionary decade for TV, with the Gulf War, Fox and HBO forever changing how, when and what we watch.