Two faux meat sandwiches from Dunkin

How Faux Meat Is Beefing Up Burger King, Subway and Dunkin’ Menus

Brand Values

Plant-based protein brands are expanding their reach with new distribution deals.

Jeff Goldblum Always Stays True to the Most Fascinating Character of Them All: Himself

Leadership & Talent

Most people talk about the movie blockbusters, but advertising is also a rich territory for this eclectic star.

At NexTech, Marquee Names Discussed the Future of Ad Tech


Featuring execs from companies like Google, Neustar, Electronic Arts and S4 Capital.

How Jamba Put Smoothies on the Map


Now pushing 30, the brand is still squeezing all it can from the fruity segment it pioneered.

A black woman with the words "Everybody needs you-time" on the left, a small dog on front right and two white men smiling on the back right.

DTC Brands Are Finding Their Target Audiences Through Streaming Services

Streaming & OTT

Some view OTT as a testing ground for other video campaigns.

Illustration of a purple figure with flowers on it and other figures in the background in blue

How I Went From Buddy to Boss and Reevaluated Leadership Techniques


Advice for anyone rising into a higher position from a peer-intensive one.

Adweek’s Project Isaac Winners: 19 Daring Campaigns Centered on Bold Innovation

Project ISAAC

The 2019 recipients of our top prize for invention in marketing.

Man on a huge flatscreen onstage addressing a crowd.

Ad-Tech Companies Are Dipping Their Toes Into Brand Sponsorship Metrics in Esports


With industry growth comes the need for new means of measurement.

Infographic: Over Half of Consumers Would Pay More for Sustainable Products

Data Points

New data shows brands need to focus on eco-friendliness.