Media All-Stars Issue

5 Metrics That Helped Snapchat Change the Narrative About Its Lack of Data

Just a year ago, advertisers were outspoken about the app's problematic metrics. That's no longer the case.

Slime Is All Over Instagram, and It’s Paying Off for Brands That Make or Sell the Ingredients

For many brands, the substance that's all the rage with tweens is a recipe for revenue, with the likes of Michaels, Elmer’s and McCormick & Co. all benefiting from the trend.

Leijas Helps Clients Find Their Passion and Create Change

Mike Leibowitz and Eric Rojas, who met in 2003 at Deutsch, founded Leijas in 2015 to give brands the ability to create change.

How 2 Brothers Built a Greeting Cards Colossus and a Brand Synonymous With Mother’s Day

Hallmark founder J.C. Hall started selling postcards in 1910 and offering cards in envelopes 5 years later. The Hall siblings’ 'mark of quality' gave the company its name.

Meet Today’s 15 Most Innovative Agency Executives in Media Buying and Planning

Adweek salutes the 2017 class of Media All-Stars honoring the top agency executives who are boldly reimagining the media buying landscape.

3 Ways Marketers Can Use Data More Effectively

Are these common problems tripping up your strategy? Here are some solutions.

Infographic: How ‘Fake News’ and Bogus Content Are Changing the Way Consumers Look at Brands

Marketers need to build trust in the fight against the fake economy, according to a new study.

With Newly Promoted Leaders for News, Programming and HR, Fox News Is Trying to Define Its Next Era

After months of lurid headlines, FNC promotes two longtime staffers to help get it back on track.

With Just Days Left to Lock In Next Season’s Lineup, Here’s What Broadcast Networks Are Focusing On

One week before their upfronts, it’s crunch time for execs from NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC and The CW.