How Chia Pet Grew Out of a Trade Expo and Into the Living Rooms of Americans

Brand Marketing

A night out with friends led to an unforgettable jingle.

Herb’s Founder Is Dedicated to Creating a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for All Things Cannabis


'We’re a community of … ordinary people that are consuming cannabis to elevate our lives.'

Infographic: How Video on Demand and Time-Shifting Are Changing Television

TV / Video

VOD ad impressions increased nearly fourfold in just a few years.

Loyalkaspar Calls Itself the Character Actor of Agencies


Loyalkaspar has grown from two aspiring screenwriter/creatives to a team of 50 with offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Long-Form Brand Films Embrace the Art of Dance to Connect With Consumers

Brand Marketing

Apple, Uniqlo and Rag & Bone find connection through movement.

With Faster Speeds and Connections, Brands Are Planning for 5G-Fueled Marketing


The widespread rollout should increase connection speeds by up to 10 times.

Q&A: IAB’s CEO on the Need for Brands to Connect Directly With Consumers


Randall Rothenberg discusses data in a ‘direct brand’ world.

Can Anyone Compete With Facebook and Google for Small-Business Advertisers?


‘You only have time for one or two platforms.’

The Athletic Built Its Company Without Ads, and It Doesn’t Plan to Change That Anytime Soon


The Athletic, a subscription-based sports website, has substantially grown by recently raising $20 million and expanding its subscriber base to 6 figures.

Why Brands Need to Remember That Tech Advancements Have Unexpected Consequences


A plan for the future will save you from unnecessary stress.