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Facebook’s ‘Remove, Reduce and Inform’ Problematic Content Strategy Has Several New Elements

The social network hosted a group of journalists in Menlo Park last week to share details.

A Black-Owned Lifestyle Platform Is Reclaiming The Narrative Behind the Phrase ‘Go Back to Africa’

FBC/SIX and travelers show the beauty of the continent.

Ad Industry’s Efforts to Influence Congress on Data Privacy Laws Met With Deep Skepticism

The ‘Privacy for America’ coalition works to lobby lawmakers.

Create & Cultivate Founder Built a Business on the Belief That Female Entrepreneurs Deserve the Influencer Treatment

The company was born out of desire to put on fun—not stodgy—events for women.

1 McDonald’s Canada Created a Series of Charming Ads About Why It Likes to Hire Friends

Campaign from Cossette celebrates how the brand encourages young people to apply together.

Lack of Innovation Is Killing Ad Tech and Maybe Even the Open Web

Players need to work together to overcome fragmentation challenges.

Could Ad-Supported Music Spur the Monetization of Voice Tech?

So far, promotional audio 2.0 looks like radio ads.

New Report From NYU Outlines the ‘Diversity Crisis’ in Artificial Intelligence

Leaders in the industry often have less women on staff.

YouTube and ESPN Created a Faux 30 for 30 Karate Kid Segment to Promote Cobra Kai’s Return

The special looks back on the tournament final from the 1984 film.

Money Magazine Is No Longer for Sale, and It’s Going Digital Only

Are billionaires growing bored of buying media brands?