Twitter Is Troubled By, Thrilled With ‘Miss Universe’

By Karen Fratti Comment

missuniverse2015The “Miss Universe” Pageant was a winner on Twitter this weekend, according to Nielsen Social. The controversial pageant ended up with 665,000 tweets by 6,317,000 unique authors.

Yes, we said controversial. The pageant awards women based on their looks, clothes, and whether they can form complete sentences. Let’s be real. Though that doesn’t make it much different from red carpet events — the SAG Awards came in second place last night with 5,179,000 unique authors and 252,000 tweets. Awards and pageant season make for good social television.

No one was thoroughly impressed with the show, except fashion verticals.

There was just general misgivings about the entire affair:

And then the fan favorite, Miss Jamaica, lost the whole thing to Colombia:

Either way, ‘Miss Universe’ as long as it exists, is made for social. Live, global, controversial, and full of chances to get snarky. What else would you tweet about?