Who Cares What the Critics Say? ‘Peter Pan Live’ Was a Social Phenomenon

By Adam Flomenbaum 

peterpanliveAs networks are realizing with more regularity, all tweets are good tweets, and when it comes to live TV events, high tweet volume is all but guaranteed; hate-watching a show is OK as long as watching is involved.

And so last Thursday’s highly anticipated ‘Peter Pan Live!’ paid off for NBC in a big way. According to data from Amobee Intelligence, there were 346,000 tweets around the hashtag #PeterPanLive, 36,900 Tweets around Christopher Walken and 16,700 Tweets around Allison Williams, during the special’s three-hour broadcast.

Interest around Peter Pan Live peaked around 8:45PM ET, when Walken made his first appearance as Captain Hook.

Below, more insights from Amobee:

– To put that in perspective, during premiere week (September 21-25), Scandal was the show with the most Tweets with 87,000 around the hashtag #Scandal. #PeterPanLive had 95% as many Tweets in 3 hours as Scandal did in 5 days, further corroborating how much of an impact Peter Pan Live had in real-time.

– And in terms of consumer consumption, Amobee Intelligence uncovered that during the last month Christopher Walken and Allison Williams generated 86% as much Peter Pan Live associated consumption (a measure of how often the term “Peter Pan” was “seen” online, via mobile and across social).

– What’s more, there was 63% as much associated consumption around 8PM ET when the special was airing. In an age when consumers can DRVs their favorite shows, tuning in live was an essential part of the viewing experience, which of course makes the advertising time more valuable.

– It’s also worth noting that there was 22% as much Peter Pan Live consumption around Instagram photos as there was around Christopher Walken, showing how important social media was in promoting the event ahead of time.