Lessons From the Entertainment Industry to Help Marketers Succeed in 2021

For many, 2020 has been an uncertain year that has left people searching for both new and familiar ways to find comfort—such as entertainment. Together, we’ve watched the events of this past year change people’s viewing habits and reshape the industry landscape. Every day, I talk with entertainment marketers who want to better understand: What can we learn from 2020 to prepare for the year ahead? 

And so, I want to share with you Facebook’s new report, “Content, Consumption and Culture: Perspectives From the Entertainment Industry.” In it, we break down five key consumer shifts that have impacted the media and entertainment landscape across the globe, brand opportunities, and how marketers can take action.

Here are three of my favorite learnings from the report, diving into what brands will need to do to prepare for a successful 2021.

Create or tap into digital communities

We’re seeing people supplement IRL social experiences with virtual alternatives. Over half of global consumers participate in interest-related communities, and 46% said they’re more likely to keep a streaming service longer if they feel that they are part of a community related to it, revealing this as an area of opportunity for brands.

Unite people around original and exclusive content

Endless options across media and entertainment have been a blessing for consumers needing to find escape and solace during the pandemic. But having too much choice can be a driver for disengagement. As consumers increasingly adopt multiple platforms, finding innovative ways to drive memorability may help keep folks coming back.  

Elevate voices from underrepresented communities

Consumers are demanding more diverse and accurate representation in media and entertainment. In a Facebook-commissioned survey, 70% of participants said they want to see more of it in digital advertising as well. For brands, there’s an opportunity to tap into these rising expectations through genuine partnerships that produce content and ads that both entertain and educate.  

As people continue to turn to entertainment for comfort and enjoyment, their viewing habits will continue to shift and evolve, providing marketers with important insights and opportunities to connect and make a lasting impression.