The CMO’s Mandate: Elevate the Human Experience

Marketers have long known that customer experience (CX) can influence an individual’s satisfaction and long-term loyalty to a brand. Yet traditional approaches to CX often focus on improving specific tasks or transactions and may overlook an opportunity to interact with individuals as humans.

“Our most basic need is to have a sense of belonging and connection,” says Anthony Stephan, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “When businesses engage individuals in a way that speaks to their most fundamental values, it ultimately can translate to a level of loyalty that most brands are not seeing today. The connection creates loyalty, which fuels business growth.”

With their evolving and expanding remit, CMOs are ideally positioned to lead their organizations in a more human approach.

When organizations step back to better understand their customers’ human needs and use that as the underlying design principle, it’s a game changer.  That’s the fundamental shift companies need to make.

“At a time when technology has become integral to every aspect of business, it can feel a little like our humanity gets lost,” says Amelia Dunlop, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Centering business around people has never been more important.”