Dog’s-Eye View: Marketing Thinking That’s Outside of the ‘Dog Box’

[Editor’s note: Peter Rosenwald may be pulling our legs saying that his dog, Jordan, wrote this post.]

Peter J. Rosenwald is an expat American living and working in Brazil; founder and first CEO of Wunderman Worldwide, International Division of Wunderman agency) and first chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Direct Worldwide; strategist and senior executive in charge of building subscription and data-driven marketing for Editora Abril, Latin America's leading magazine publisher; founder of Consult Partners, active strategic marketing consultancy working in Brazil, U.S. and U.K. International keynote speaker on data-driven marketing and author of 'Accountable Marketing' (Thomson), 'Profiting From the Magic of Marketing Metrics' (Direct Marketing IQ), and 'GringoView' blog author for Brazilian Huffington Post. With an international perspective, my blog's purpose is to share my maverick views of this business I've spent the last half-century working in, enjoying and observing.