How the VR Industry Isolated Its Users and Creators by Not Utilizing Existing Skill Sets

It should be approached as an extension of social experiences already in place

A lot of marketers overthink the process behind utilizing VR, a system that's at best when kept simple. Getty Images

Live video, VR and AR have become ubiquitous in 2018, yet as a money manager-turned VR entrepreneur, I could not help but notice an unnerving roadblock in the VR space. The industry has been overthinking things and largely failing to remember K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple (and in the VR world, social), silly. It was the best advice I gave to my clients in 17 years of managing money and navigating complicated bonds markets, and here I am again, the CEO of a VR music platform, stressing the same principle.

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Mark Iannarelli is the CEO and founder of Endless Riff.