How to Look and Sound Your Best on Zoom Calls

The right lighting and audio is everything

Illustration of people on a Zoom call
You can work with what you have, or invest in quality equipment for future Zoom meetings. Getty Images, Zoom
Headshot of Shelly Palmer

By now, you’ve Zoomed with them all: The guy who looks like an unmade bed and never looks at the camera. “Backlight person” who thinks you can see their amazing backyard, but all you see is their dark silhouette against the blinding light coming through the window. The would-be influencer who stares straight into her webcam, pushes out her chin and slightly clocks her shoulders until she’s ready for her close-up. The bald guy (whose head you know like the back of your hand) who, unfortunately, never looks up at the camera. The “check out my awesome green screen background” person. And of course, the motion sickness–inducing “selfie rover.”

@shellypalmer Shelly Palmer is CEO of The Palmer Group, a strategic advisory, technology solutions and business development practice focused at the nexus of media and marketing with a special emphasis on machine learning and data-driven decision-making.