Adweek Together: Amazon’s Limitless, Precarious Reach

From basic necessities to streaming entertainment, its deliveries come at a cost

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The world’s largest ecommerce platform was deemed an essential business early on. In fact, Amazon is essential in several ways: for providing food, for transporting goods, for selling healthcare products and in the space of communications and information technology.

And where there is demand, Amazon is there to supply. Two weeks ago, the retail giant announced it was hiring 100,000 temporary workers “to meet the surge in demand from people relying on Amazon’s service during this stressful time.” And while that’s happening, employees at Amazon warehouses in several states have picketed over workplace conditions.

Amazon’s limitless reach has also put its workers in a sometimes precarious position. We’re talking all about it on today’s episode of Adweek Together with retail reporter Lisa Lacy and executive editor Stephanie Paterik.

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