What Gen Z Wants From Media

The oldest members of Gen Z have just entered the workforce,  but that hasn’t stopped them from throwing the publishing world into a tizzy of speculation over how and where they’ll consume content.

The Advertiser’s To-Do List for Successful Addressable TV Campaigns

More than three quarters of advertisers believe that bringing greater addressability to their TV campaigns would be valuable, per research from Comcast and Advertiser Perceptions.

The Collective Customer Experience and What it Means for Brand Marketers

Perhaps the biggest change to experience is its holistic nature. Why? Well, because experiences are now collective instead of singular.

Why Data Privacy Could Create an Exciting Opportunity to Rethink Programmatic

Privacy regulations such as CCPA and the limitations on third-party cookies are likely to challenge the programmatic industry in 2020.

How to Bring Your Video Production In-House

The once fanciful in-house agency has become a reality for many brands looking to improve cost efficiencies and stay nimble.

How to Be Everyone’s Favorite Client

Clients have a bad habit of self-sabotaging their projects or expecting their agencies to do the impossible.

Reach Gen Z? Why Beauty Brands Turn to Live Music Events

New research dives into the increasingly important role that makeup, skin care and grooming plays for Gen Z and millennials in the U.S. and U.K. before, during and after music festivals.

Attention Metrics Are the Secret Sauce for Driving Ad Performance

Fewer than half of marketers are confident in their ability to measure granular mobile ad metrics, according to a new research report from Forrester commissioned by Yieldmo.

This New Framework Helps Marketers Focus on Retention

With customer acquisition costs rising through the roof and retention rates plummeting, it's clear that the focus on top-funnel metrics has backfired.

Entering the Era of Hyper-Personalization

If the last decade was all about digital, the next one will be all about identity.