TV-Digital Convergence Is Here and You Need a Plan

The guide lays out the technology and organizational needs that TV-digital convergence requires.

How AI Will Change Your Approach to Influencer Marketing

There are thousands of potential influencers out there, so how do you find the one that’s right for your brand? No human can watch millions of videos, images and posts to find the person best suited to a brand’s position and KPIs. But AI can.

Is the Call Center Marketing’s Best-Kept Secret?

Let’s be frank. If marketers didn’t have conversion rates, engagement numbers and email open rates to prove ROI, many would be out of a job.

Five Steps to Future-Proof Your Brand

Every business is undergoing a massive reinvention. In some ways, you might say that they’re rebranding. Those that may not have traditionally viewed themselves as “technology” companies are embracing emerging tech like AI to reach their customers more seamlessly and personally than ever before.

The 3 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Content’s Emotional Impact

If your creative doesn’t trigger a consumer to buy, then what’s the point? That’s the fundamental question that Tim Bagwell, SVP of operations at Triad, asks in the above video.

The What, Why and How of Real Sonic Branding

Here's why your brand needs to have a sonic identity.

Consumers Only Give Brands One Chance to Get Data Privacy Right

Establishing a strong foundation of consumer trust could mean the difference between preserving the customer relationship and saying goodbye forever.

The Tides Are Shifting on Social Media, So Be Sure You Know These Trends

Don’t let the new social landscape get the best of you. “The 2019 State of Social Report” covers what you need to pay attention to right now.

What It Takes to Get Consumers’ Attention in the New Media Environment

To succeed, brands need to know how to leverage AI to understand their audiences and monetize their attention in new ways. A new ebook from Salesforce—“The War for Attention: Bringing Intelligence to a New Media Ecosystem” —can help you wrap your head around the new ecosystem.

Your Biggest Fans Want to Make Their Love Official

Wouldn’t it be nice if your brand loyalists had a way to show the world how much they love your brand?