2021 Working Mothers of The Year

We’ve always known that working moms are superheroes, but the past 12 months have proven there really isn’t anything they can’t handle.

Each year, She Runs It honors women who have achieved stellar business results while also serving as strong role models at work, at home and within their communities. This year’s group of resilient mothers takes it one step further, showcasing the power of compassionate leadership and determination in challenging times. We have a lot to learn from them.

Read on and help celebrate them by joining the virtual awards ceremony on Feb. 25 at 5:00 p.m. ET.

Erin Riley
President, TBWA\Chiat\Day LA

A catalyst for growth, Riley guides her teams to help brand clients find their soul, new sources of demand and their place in the cultural conversation.

Keeping her career on track: Advertising, like raising children, takes a village and it is the quality of that village that determines how your business and your kids turn out. Surround yourself with great talent that gives you energy instead of draining it.

Finding new perspectives: The past year made me realize I was missing things that mattered. The endless travel, the late nights and the working weekends all meant less dinners together, less snuggles after bath time and less firsts experienced. It was a wake-up call and I hope we don’t slip back into our old routines. A combination of virtual and in-person may liberate just enough time to hold onto the small moments of parental joy.

Dawn Reese
SVP and U.S. Managing Director, UM Studios

With over 20 years of experience, Reese fearlessly leads the U.S. UM Studios teams in creating business-growing content for clients like American Express, BMW and Coca-Cola.

The way forward: We need to be kind to ourselves and recognize there was no playbook or manual for how to navigate the past 12 months. As working moms, we need to support and lift each other up since we all can learn from one another as we navigate these uncertain times.

Practicing self-care: I am incredibly blessed with a group of girlfriends that I hold near and dear to my heart. Self-care for me is calling or getting on FaceTime with one of them because I know I will laugh until my stomach hurts and all my troubles will be a distant memory.

Solange Claudio
President, Chief Client Officer, Moxie/MRY

With over 20 years of experience, Claudio is currently bringing her visionary approach to business to help Moxie and MRY drive results for clients across verticals.

Productivity secrets: Be flexible! And remember, plans are good to have to get a sense of what needs to be done, but it’s okay if the details shift as you go.

Work/life balance during the pandemic: It is super key to stick to your wellness routine—for physical health, mental wellness and self-balance—despite the pandemic. Even in good times, no one can make time for you except for you.

The pandemic parenting cliché she’d like to ditch: That all these plans and tips will make everything okay. It’s not okay, and it won’t go back to the previous norms anytime soon. All we can do is keep on keeping on. That’s an accomplishment in itself.

Diane Yu
CTO, Better.Com

A dynamic leader, Yu is responsible for the strategic leadership of Better.com’s engineering team and charting the company’s long-term technology vision.