How Publishers Can Turn First-Party Data Into a Strategic Asset

How Publishers Can Turn First-Party Data Into a Strategic Asset

Creating a foundation for modern audience engagement

Third-party cookie deprecation, the continued rise of the walled gardens and privacy regulations have pushed media and publishing companies to the brink. The solution? Differentiate themselves through their ability to reach and engage their loyal audiences.

As publishers adopt a modern engagement model, they need to rethink their organizational structures and their technology stacks. “Business Transformation in Media and Publishing: How to Turn Your First-Party Data Into a Strategic Business Asset,” a new ebook from BlueConic, maintains that new models must be grounded in an accessible single customer view. This will aid both sides of the publisher’s business: customer engagement and audience monetization.

The ebook provides case studies and other resources related to the digital transformation of publishers including:

  • Managing customer data: How to move from CRM records of subscriptions to building digital profiles that can be activated.
  • Designing customer experiences: Why a value exchange is key to gaining consent and authentication, both critical to audience monetization.
  • The value of personalization: A unified customer view isn’t just for personalized content; it enables your acquisition and retention teams to deliver more relevant marketing.

Publishers need to stay at the forefront of digital transformation. Download the ebook to get started on your strategy.