Your Questions About First-Party Shopping Data Answered

Your Questions About First-Party Shopping Data Answered

The 9 things you need to know before diving in

The black-box nature of third-party data, along with the approaching phase-out of cookies, has left marketers searching for a better, more permanent solution to get in front of their audiences. Enter first-party shopper data, where ecommerce retailers share insights and targeting based on logged-in shopper behavior.

Still, many marketers are unclear about how to approach this tactic and many don’t even know what high-quality, first-party shopping data looks like. That’s why we created a new guide, “Your Questions About First-Party Shopping Data Answered,” providing clear and cogent insights based on some of the most common challenges marketers are now facing.

You have to know what to ask, and the guide provides detailed answers to nine common questions, including:

  • How can first-party shopping data fit into your current data-driven marketing strategy?
  • What is real shopper intent and why does it matter?
  • What can first-party shopping data teach you about the shopping journey that other forms of data can’t?

With practical examples of first-party data at work and the technical details you need to succeed, the guide will help you navigate and win in new territory. Get your copy of the guide now.