Why CTV Will Be Critical for Driving Q4 Holiday Performance

Why CTV Will Be Critical for Driving Q4 Holiday Performance

Your tried-and-true strategies won’t work this year

Two wild cards have emerged that will impact how brands prepare for the profitable Q4 holiday season. Consumers will be behaving differently than in years past and changes in data tracking have put tried-and-true ad strategies under a cloud of uncertainty. Advertisers need a plan that accounts for this sudden transformation. Many will be turning to connected TV.

A new guide from performance TV platform MNTN, “How to Drive Q4 Holiday Performance,” details the evolving advertising landscape with a focus on how brands can use connected TV to target valuable holiday audiences, keep them engaged and generate measurable revenue.

The insights include:

  • How to balance upper and lower-funnel strategies, and when the data says it’s best to launch each.
  • Ways consumers are voting with their wallets and transforming connected TV into an increasingly ad-supported medium.
  • The relationship between ad creative and ecommerce landing pages, and how the right approach to each can deliver better results.

What you’ve done in years past won’t work this holiday season. Download the guide to learn how to revamp your strategy and drive sales.