3 Trends From CES That Marketers Really Need to Pay Attention To

Brand Marketing

I work at an ad agency, and I went to CES with clients. As a strategist, it's safe to say I'm not necessarily the typical CES attendee. I'm much more intrigued [...]

AOL Hopes These 2 New Ad Formats Will Thwart Off Ad Blocking


AOL wants marketers to help build its next ad formats. At CES today, the Verizon-owned company is launching a new initiative called BrandBuilder that includes two new types of ads.

L’Oreal Made a Smart Hairbrush That Analyzes Beauty Habits and Suggests Products


Not even hairbrushes are safe from the so-called Internet of Things. Today L'Oreal-owned Kérastase announced a new brush dubbed Hair Coach that collects and analyzes grooming patterns to recommend the [...]

What Marketers Need to Know About Internet of Things Data Security in 2017


If nothing else, 2016 taught the world that data security has become incredibly critical.

3 Truths About Creativity in the Age of AI


AI. AR. MR. Voice. Bots. Beacons. Wearables. Data. Big Data. Bigger Data. Goosebumps, am I right?! Recently, I was invited to a dinner party. At the bar, this guy rolled [...]