Six Tips on Talking to the Post Generation

Brand Marketing

In my last Adweek column introducing the Post Generation—my nickname for the under-14 cohort, also variously referred to as Gen Z or Centennials or the Homeland Generation (among other appellations)—I [...]

Cruise Ships Now Depend on Parents Bringing the Kids Along

Brand Marketing

In the summer of 1951, a passenger aboard the RMS Queen Elizabeth had plenty of things to do. There was shuffleboard, deck tennis, books to borrow from the library. The [...]

A Look at Kids’ Exposure to Ads


Despite the availability of video games and streaming TV shows on mobile devices, kids still spend more time watching television than they do using any other type of media, and [...]

Kids Need a Cool Lunch Box, and Marketers Know It

Brand Marketing

According to the U.S. government, more than 50 million of our children head off to school each morning, and roughly 32 million will eat the lunch prepared by the cafeteria [...]

The Story of Kids TV Mastermind Fred Seibert

TV / Video

Fred Seibert is sitting in his New York office, filled with Legos and comic books, talking enthusiastically about his first big failure.

6 Surreal Toons That Made Kids’ Animation What It Is Today [Video]

TV / Video

If the phenomenally successful kids show Adventure Time appears to have stretched the envelope of animated reality in ways never before seen, then you have simply not been paying attention. [...]