Oracle Makes Another Major Data Move, Inking a TV Ad-Targeting Deal With Charter Communications

The software giant is venturing into new territory

Two large companies partnered to help TV-minded marketers zero in on viewers with more relevant offers. Source: Getty Images
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Oracle is helping Charter Communications deliver targeted ads to the cable TV giant’s 16.5 million subscribers, the companies revealed Tuesday on stage at the Oracle Data Summit in midtown New York. The endeavor marks Oracle Data Cloud’s first foray into the addressable television space and is designed to complement its recent agreement with smart TV ads player Simulmedia.

“This allows us to connect Charter’s information to the data that we have to make a much better, appropriate plan around who to target, what [TV ] programs to connect to,” Joe Kyriakoza, head of autos and TV solutions for Oracle Data Cloud, told Adweek. “So addressable marketplaces like Charter are great places for data companies like us to be able to connect the dots better on behalf of marketers.”

Charter’s clients will be able to use what the industry calls addressable advertising, which constitutes targeting based on household purchase data, including what people buy from consumer packaged goods, retail and auto categories. Such custom audience segments can be born from more than 7.5 trillion data points, per Oracle. Also, Charter advertisers can onboard their own first-party data, including customer-relationship management intelligence as well as website and prospecting stats.

The Charter-Oracle development is all about the Oracle Data Cloud. That system holds $3 trillion in offline purchasing info, which stems from when Oracle bought Datalogix in December 2014. The cloud-based program also leverages Oracle’s BlueKai Marketplace, aiming to personalize online, mobile and offline campaigns.

“We are trying to get to a place where we take standardized segmentation that we’ve pre-created and build it into [Charter’s] system,” Kyriakoza said. “We can help them understand segments of frequent buyers of toothpaste, frequent buyers of certain kinds of vehicles, frequent buyers of kinds of clothing lines.”

Just how targeted will the TV advertising get with the Oracle-Charter arrangement? (Charter is part of Spectrum corporate family.)

“There’s some granularity we can get to, but with granularity, you can compromise scale,” the executive said. “And with TV, we usually want scale. So we don’t go too deep, instead going after a really good subset of an audience type that brands are looking for. Then, we map it to the addressable footprint of Charter.”

Meanwhile, Oracle also announced Tuesday that it bought notable digital measurement firm Moat. Read more about that endeavor here.

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