5 Fun Facts About How Rick and Morty Fans Stream the Show on Hulu

Season 3 of the Adult Swim series was just added to the service

Rick and Morty is kicking off production on its fourth season. Hulu
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Rick and Morty is not only Adult Swim’s most popular show; it’s also a strong performer on Hulu, which has SVOD rights to the series and began streaming Season 3 three weeks ago.

The animated series, basic cable’s No. 1 comedy among millennials, has delighted fans since 2013. Thanks to a megadeal Adult Swim made with creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, 70 episodes are on the way, which should keep the show on the air for the next decade.

In honor of the fourth season of the series going into production, here are some fun facts from Hulu, which started streaming the show more than three years ago.

1. Rick and Morty fans are binge-watchers

Within the first week that Season 3 launched on Hulu, almost half of the viewers who binge watched all 10 episodes in one day.

2. When it comes to streaming, the later, the better

The most popular time to stream the series is between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. ET., while the show is most frequently watched on Mondays.

3. Fans watch a lot of Rick and Morty

On average, fans stream four episodes of the series PER DAY.

4. Viewers watch other shows you might not expect

It’s not surprising that much of Rick and Morty’s audience also gravitates toward other animated shows that stream on Hulu, including Family Guy, South Park and Bob’s Burgers. But about 40 percent of the show’s Hulu viewers also tune in to This Is Us or The Handmaid’s Tale.

5. It’s not only men who are fans of the series

While the show’s audience skews male, 40 percent of its viewers are female.

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