A Mysterious Microphone Let People Cast Judgments, Then Revealed the Star Being Described

How contrasting views define a complicated celebrity

Passersby in L.A. could answer questions into a microphone, then saw their answers added to an emerging image.
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How would you describe someone who confronts their attacker? Who exposes confidential information to the public? Who dresses provocatively to prove a point?

Passersby in L.A. were given the chance to answer such questions into a mysterious microphone recently, with their responses appearing on a digital projection. Over time, the words came together to form an image, showing the occasionally controversial host of a new show:

The questions become a bit more direct as the stunt goes on, especially for those who’ve been following certain social media-savvy celebrities.

Now that you’ve had time to watch, you’ve realized that it is, in fact, Rose McGowan, whose four-part docuseries, Citizen Rose, is returning to E! after making its initial 2-hour debut in January.

“Our campaign is rooted in the idea that people are often quick to judge without fully understanding the complexities, challenges and emotions that make up an individual, particularly someone like Rose who has been at the center of such an important cultural conversation,” says Jen Neal, the network’s evp of marketing. “At E! we are committed to featuring strong women with unique points of view, and we are incredibly excited to give Rose a platform to share her powerful story as she helps drive social and cultural change.”

The show follows McGowan’s international travels as she addresses the toll of Hollywood’s long-running sexual harassment and assault epidemic, with E! describing her journey as learning “how to be an activist whose activism is based on trauma.”

The show returns Thursday, May 17, at 10 p.m. Eastern.

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