As Publishers Build Experiential Events, Bustle Digital Group’s Newest Acquisition Will Help It Compete

Flavorpill previously hosted activations with HBO, Uber and Perrier

Bustle Digital Media Group acquired Flavorpill in a deal announced today. Flavorpill, Bustle

Bustle Digital Group acquired Flavorpill Media Inc. to build out the company’s experiential programming, Bustle said.

Additional terms of the acquisition, which is effective immediately, were not made public.

Flavorpill Media Inc. is an online publisher and experiential brand that launched in 2000. It will oversee Bustle’s first large-scale event, called Rule Breakers, to take place Sept. 22.

Flavorpill offers email alerts to fans who can subscribe to learn more about upcoming events. It has more than 500,000 subscribers. Previous gatherings from Flavorpill have included brunch in partnership with HBO and a lunch hosted by Uber and Perrier.

Its main event “Quiet Mornings,” in partnership with the Museum of Modern Art, allows participants early access to the museum to see select exhibits, followed by a meditation session.

At one time, Flavorpill seemed to have a presence in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and Austin, Texas, though it seems its New York market is the only location still active.

“Through this acquisition, we are not only looking to establish great events, but to also deepen engagement with our readers and partners that can’t be formed solely online,” said Deb Schwartz, chief financial officer of Bustle Digital Group, in a statement.

Bustle Digital Group will also take on Flavorwire, an online culture magazine, which will be overseen by BDG Media editor in chief Kate Ward. Flavorpill co-founder Sascha Lewis will become Bustle Digital Group’s vice president of experiential and president of Flavorpill Media.

Bustle Digital Media Group, founded in 2013, claims to reach 80 million users each month.

Bustle Digital Group has already made a number of acquisitions, including The Zoe Report in April and Elite Daily from DailyMail in 2017.

The group, and more specifically its founder, Bryan Goldberg, made headlines recently when he won the bid for and its remaining assets.

The move allows Bustle to further compete with other digital publishers, such as Teen Vogue and PopSugar, which have put on large-scale events to connect with their audiences offline and diversify their revenue streams with advertiser-sponsored activations.

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