Baseball Fans Don’t Have to Wait Until 2019 to Get Their Game of Thrones Fix

HBO, MLB bringing Westeros to a ballpark near you

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The eighth and final season of the iconic HBO original series Game of Thrones is still one year away from premiering, but Major League Baseball fans will be able to get their GoT fix in the months ahead.

Major League Baseball and HBO announced a renewal of their partnership to bring customized Game of Thrones events, giveaways, ticket specials and experiences to participating MLB ballparks this summer.

With that in mind, San Francisco Giants fans can soon refer to AT&T Park as King’s Landing (both venues sit on a body of water, after all). For Boston Red Sox fans, Fenway Park becomes Winterfell—at least for a day this season.

Last summer, in conjunction with the seventh season, the GoT-MLB partnership engaged fans across more than 20 ballparks through cross-promotional activations designed by the participating MLB teams, HBO, MLB and MLB’s official licensees. Fan-focused specials included: MLB player and mascot bobbleheads, video board games, special food and drinks at concession stands, co-branded t-shirts and caps, Game of Thrones costume contests, Snapchat filters, and, of course, the appearance of the Iron Throne.

As part of last year’s promotion, San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy conducted his post-game press availability on the Throne, St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith posed in his St. Louis Cardinals red blazer, and Texas Rangers manager Jeff Bannister recreated his popular Throne bobblehead giveaway.

Perhaps the New York Mets will get involved this season. You can’t have a true Game of Thrones-MLB partnership without including Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard. A man who sports “Thor” as his nickname, Syndergaard is widely known for his GoT fandom; he even made a brief cameo as one of House Lannister’s foot soldiers who fired a spear during the epic battle scene in episode 4 of the seventh season.

Details for participating teams and the experiences offered at Game of Thrones summer events in 2018 will be announced at a later date, and single-game tickets for the entire slate of announced Game of Thrones dates are available for purchase on MLB’s site.

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