Fisher, Backchannelmedia Pact inClickable TV Tech

Fisher Communications announced a deal Monday (April 20) with Backchannelmedia to deploy the company’s Clickable TV technology across its TV group.
Over the next few months, viewers to Fisher’s 13 stations will be able to interact with TV ads and programs by bookmarking content for forwarding to a personal Web site that can be accessed later.
The new technology could create an additional revenue source for stations, which can sell the clickable inventory to advertisers based on the number of clicks or impressions.
“We see Backchannelmedia’s Clickable TV technology as a game changer for our television stations and advertisers,” said Rob Dunlop, senior vp of operations for Fisher. “The reach of television will continue delivering information about products and services to a wide audience and build brands, but now goes a step further and delivers a customer to our advertisers.”
Several other stations and groups have already signed for Clickable TV including LIN TV and Gray Communications. Hearst-Argyle Television’s in Boston and Manchester, N.H. were the first to test the technology.