Ghouls Rule in This Week’s Nielsen TV Twitter Ratings

Walking Dead and Freak Show lead the pack

In the runup to Halloween, it seems natural that Twitterphiles would be commenting on America’s two most frightening TV series.

And true to form, the Sunday night time slot once again proved to be magic for AMC’s The Walking Dead, which lit up Twitter with 552,000 tweets reaching 4.8 million users.

WARNING: Big spoilers ahead if you're not caught up on The Walking Dead and American Horror Story: Freak Show. You've been warned. 

Between Oct. 20 and 26, the character Rick Grimes garnered most of the attention with his grisly dispatching of cannibal leader Gareth with his trusty red handled machete.

There were also some tears shed for Bob, whose departure from the series began with a cackling surprise for the cannibalistic antagonists from Terminus.

Nielsen ranked  FX’s Amercian Horror Story: Freak Show number two on the top 10 Twitter ratings. The show featured two con artists trying to sell a baby Sasquatch that turned out to be a feral goat with a cat’s jaw sewn on it.

Much attention, however, focused on the character Edward Mordrake, a carnival legend with a second demon face on the back of his head who was summoned by the character Elsa, actress Jessica Lange. The Mordrake episode elicited this rather acerbic observation:

NBC slotted sixth and 10th place with The Voice.

Rank Program Date Network

Unique Audience (000)

Tweets (000)
1 The Walking Dead 10/26/14 AMC 4,808 552
2 American Horror Story: Freak Show 10/22/14 FX 3,560 299
3 Pretty Little Liars 10/21/14 ABC Family 2,602 193
4 WWE Monday Night RAW 10/20/14 USA 2,189 160
5 Scandal  10/23/14 ABC 1,955 241
6 The Voice 10/20/14 NBC 1,876 71
7 WWE Hell in a Cell 10/26/14 Pay-Per-View 1,808 222
8 Dancing With the Stars 10/20/14 ABC 1,681 71
9 Saturday Night Live 10/25/14 NBC 1,348 41
10 The Voice 10/21/14 NBC 1,293 43

Source: Nielsen

Nielsen Social captures relevant Tweets from three hours before, during and three hours after an episode’s initial broadcast, local time. Unique Audience measures the audience of relevant Tweets ascribed to an episode from when the Tweets were sent until the end of the broadcast day at 5am. The data includes new/live primetime and late fringe episodes only and excludes sports events. For multicast events, networks are listed alphabetically and metrics reflect the highest Unique Audience across all airing networks, denoted with an asterisk.