As of Halloween, This Season’s TV Ratings Are So Low It’s Scary

It is the middle of the fall, when the leaves turn brown and die, as so do the sitcoms.

This has been a notably bad year for new broadcast TV—multiple networks are watching all but one of their new series decompose rapidly while legacy shows hemorrhage viewers to the perpetual menaces of cable, video games, online content and *shudder* talking to family members. Below we've broken down where each network stands.

Oh, and we're not going to do a full analysis of The CW, but both their new shows, Flash and Jane the Virgin, are A) fun and B) doing great. So hooray for them. Arrow is also getting some recognition for being good, so it'll be interesting to see if anything happens to that show's ratings as it enters mainstream (read: media) consciousness for the first time.

Also, all the ratings below are live viewers in the 18-49 demographic, as of Friday, Oct. 31 (except where noted, because networks were busy a-canceling things this weekend!).