Key and Peele Have Another Timely Ode to Football Player Names, but This Time Some Are Real

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix joins the ranks of Marmadune Shazbot

Well, it was inevitable: Key & Peele has yet another skit about inventively named (and coifed!) college football players, and they've taken the opportunity of the upcoming Super Bowl to promote it. And rather than simply featuring the comedians sporting a series of ridiculous wigs and accents, Comedy Central has tapped honest-to-God football players to fill in some of the spots.

The pantheon of fabulous names so far has included such gridiron luminaries as "Donkey Teeth" and "X-Wing @aliciousness," so the two have their work cut out for them this time around. Will the nation's supply of absurd names run dry before the end of the sketch? (Spoiler: No. No, it will not.)

Key & Peele, Drunk History and Inside Amy Schumer are probably Comedy Central's highest-profile successes from several years of commissioning and airing sketch comedy at an incredible rate—for a while it accounted for almost everything on the network in prime time. Now the pendulum is swinging back toward full-blown scripted half-hours, such as Review (one of our best shows of the year) and the upcoming Duty (recently ordered to pilot).

Key & Peele give the actual football players some of the less auspicious monikers in the bit below … wait, no, there's an actual player named Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, and all the others! The effect is funny indeed. Check out the new promo and the last two editions under that. The show's Super Bowl special will air Friday, Jan. 30, at 10 p.m.

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