MTV’s Jersey Shore Reboot, Floribama Shore, Is Packed With—What Else?—Partying and Fighting

The network releases the trailer for its Panama City Beach-set series

The eight-episode MTV Floribama Shore will premiere on Nov. 27.
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After bringing back TRL, My Super Sweet 16 and Fear Factor—which originally aired on NBC—during the past year, MTV is now reviving another hit franchise: Jersey Shore.

The network has released the trailer for MTV Floribama Shore, which will premiere on Monday, Nov. 27. The eight-episode series will follow eight young adults in their early-to-mid-20s, all from the South (Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee), who spend the summer together in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Jersey Shore creator SallyAnn Salsano executive produces the show.

The Floribama Shore trailer flashes back to the end of Jersey Shore, which ended in 2012, before segueing to “the next Shore thing.”

The trailer features all of the same elements that were staples of Jersey Shore’s six seasons: hookups (“I just want to have one-night-stands,” says one woman), fights, over-the-top roommate behavior (upon hearing that one of her housemates picked up someone who turned out to be a Wiccan, a woman runs in search of her “Jesus candle”) and, of course, working out at the gym.

Floribama Shore is the latest effort from Chris McCarthy, who took over MTV a year ago, to turn around the channel. Reviving hit these franchises is part of his bet on live and unscripted shows.

In addition to Jersey Shore, MTV has aired the Shore franchise around the world, including the UK (Geordie Shore), Spain (Gandia Shore), Poland (Warsaw Shore) and Mexico (Acapulco Shore).

During his cover interview with Adweek in April, McCarthy said that Jersey Shore was about more than just gym, tan and laundry.

“Yes, it’s a loud reality show with great characters. Also, it’s about a time-honored tradition of a beach house and sharing a communal experience. It’s about a subculture that is prevalent and real in New Jersey, but yet we all know it. It was about family. Those characters weren’t just loud reality stars forced into a house. They prayed before dinner each night. They celebrated each other and supported each other and had fights and had emotional but yet incredibly supportive relationships,” said McCarthy.

This will be MTV’s second Florida-based series this year, after Siesta Key, which followed a group of young adults spending the summer in an elite Florida enclave.

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