On the Adweek Podcast: Why You Should Lean Into Influencer Marketing Right Now

And how streaming services are seeing a spike

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Have you watched Tiger King on Netflix?

It’s an opportune time to offer free trials in a time of tribulation. Streamers are seeing a spike in media consumption. Astonishingly, Disney+ subscriptions surpassed 50 million global subscribers. Meanwhile, Quibi continues to push its new service to now-housebound customers, but perhaps in the lens of a different use case. Plus, the TV advertising tradition of May Upfronts is up in the air.

Influencer marketing expert Karyn Spencer, svp, marketing, Whalar, shares how TikTok videos are on a huge rise and why it might be a good move to lean into influencer marketing during the pandemic. Once part of Vine, she helped Ashton Kutcher get to one million followers, worked on millennial marketing for AT&T and celebrity partnerships at Target.

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