SAG, AMPTP Reach Tentative Pact

SAG and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have reached a tentative agreement on a new TV/theatrical contract.
The two parties had been at an official standoff since Feb. 21, when SAG rejected the AMPTP’s last, best, final offer for a new Codified Basic Agreement. Back-channel discussions that SAG chief negotiator John McGuire and interim national executive director David White have held with studio and network executives the past few weeks have evidently led to a compromise that the SAG negotiating task force can recommend to its national board.
The old contract had been expired since June 30.
The SAG national board of directors meets this weekend to discuss the new proposed deal and decide whether to send it out to the membership at large for a ratification vote.
That debate should prove to be contentious, as hardline members of SAG’s MembershipFirst faction have promised to fight any deal reached by the more moderate negotiating task force represented by McGuire.

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