Infographic: Things Super Bowl Viewers Love (Besides the Big Game)

A closer look at their behaviors and interests

How do the interests of Super Bowl viewers compare to those less invested in the Big Game?

Audience measurement firm GfK MRI asked 25,000 U.S. adult Super Bowl fans about their daily activities, consumer behaviors, assets and goals. Many of the conclusions seem somewhat obvious—Super Bowl viewers, for example, index lower for activities related to fashion and makeup, and very high for other sports viewing and participation—but other stats point to an evolution of the typical football fan.

"In the more than three decades that we've surveyed consumers about their Super Bowl viewing, we have seen steady growth not only in total audience but in diversity across gender, ethnic and other demographic characteristics—a trend that is increasingly rare in an increasingly stratifying media landscape," said Florian Kahlert, managing director of GfK MRI. "If you can justify the price tag, the Super Bowl can be a marketer's dream. A huge, diverse, engaged live audience that truly considers advertising to be integral to content and an earned media potential that is second to none."

GfK MRI, which provided these results to Adweek exclusively, noted that any results above a 110 index are considered significant, indicating that a Super Bowl fan is 10 percent more likely to participate in an activity than an average U.S. adult.

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro


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