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  • Katie Couric is taking her daytime talk show out of the studio Monday. Couric will host the Oct  1 edition of her show from her house, with guests Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump, Andy Cohen and Sunny Anderson stopping by for segments and interviews. “Katie shares sleeping tips from her bedroom, skincare tips from her bathroom and learns all about how to make healthier meatloaf in her own kitchen”
  • CNN contributor John Avlon is launching a series on “OutFront” called “The Final Four Factors.” The night before each opf the four debates, Avlon will report from a swing state: Colorado, Ohio, Nevada and Florida are on the list. In each location Avlon will talk to voters, and figure out the issues that are important to that state, and what Mitt Romney and president Obama will need to do to win them over.
  • CNN is also launching some interactive elements for the debates. Viewers will be able to stream the debates live on their computers, or on their iPhones and iPads, with clip and share video editing features. In other words, if one of the candidates says something controversial, users can clip it and share the video with friends instantly, right from the app. More information after the jump.

CNN Digital Offers Interactive Live TV Broadcast for Presidential Debates

For four nights in October CNN will present its live TV broadcast and offer unrestricted access to the network’s presidential debate programming through and via CNN’s apps for iPhone and iPad. From 7 PM to midnight, October 3, 11, 16 and 22, anyone with an internet or mobile connection can view CNN TV’s news, analysis and live coverage. In addition, viewers watching the debates on can capture and share live TV video clips on the fly and share them within their social media circles using new “clip-and-share” editing features.

“Presidential debates shouldn’t be a passive activity for viewers. The issues and policy addressed on stage will impact every American — and the world,” said KC Estenson, SVP of CNN Digital. “Because of their global significance, CNN will offer the stream to all users and provide everyone the opportunity to view, share and participate in the debates this fall.”

The first news organization to offer cable, satellite and Telco subscribers its 24-7 television networks through the Web, CNN will tap the same technology to live stream 5 hours of programming each night of the debates. The digital offerings will introduce a whole new audience to the ways they can stay connected with CNN wherever they are.

Displayed in a brilliant 768 x 432 HD video player, complete with closed captioning, CNN’s full coverage will air on The technology will also enable anyone who begins watching the debate after it begins to ‘start-over’ from the beginning. A truly interactive destination, will feature companion content including a live blog, on-demand videos and articles, candidate profiles, social media integrations and a Social Buzz meter.

On October 3, will also debut new clip-and-share video editing features. With DVR-like controls, clip-and-share makes everyone a CNN editor. Users can quickly fast-forward and rewind to the perfect start and end points to create powerful video clips, straight from the live feed. Clips can be shared with friends and followers directly through Facebook and Twitter. Once shared to these social circles, users can watch back the moments and create a direct URL or embed code for blogs and websites, and share their must-see moments via email, LinkedIn, or Google+.

“The debate hub will independently offer users a rich and quality viewing experience,” said Alex Wellen, VP CNN Video Products and Business. “But it’s also an ideal companion technology for those watching a traditional TV because it provides the opportunity for interaction, further investigation and deep analysis. It really is a glimpse into the future of television.”

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